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The Call Center Association of Japan (CCAJ), founded in 1988, is a non-profit organization representing organizations and individuals in Japan who initiate and/or facilitate telephone and Internet commerce and services, including call and contact centers, equipment suppliers, trainers, and consultants. The Association provides leadership in the professional and ethical use of the telephone in telemarketing.
CCAJ is committed to promoting the development of the call and contact center industry in Japan, to improving customer satisfaction by recommending the highest standards of quality for the industry, and to enhancing the productivity of customer service while protecting the rights of consumers.
CCAJ represents members' interests by lobbying the national government, providing advanced professional educational opportunities, defending the telemarketing industry in the public realm, and acting as the industry's information clearinghouse.
CCAJ Executive Committee members, who hail from various companies in the call and contact center industry, are professionals with years of relevant experience. They generously contribute both their time and knowledge to the Association and are committed to giving advice and making decisions to achieve the common goals of CCAJ members.
Chairman:Yoshihiro Shimomura
Advisor, Relia, inc,
Vice-Chairman: Hidenori Hasebe
Corporate Officer SVP, BellSystem 24 Holdings, inc.
In-house membership: Corporations providing customer contacts and using the telephone, facsimile, and Internet for their own purposes
Agency membership: Outsourcers operating call and contact centers and providing customer services on behalf of clients
Supporting membership: Suppliers of related products and services, such as computer telephony integrated systems, web systems, furniture, and monitoring equipment
Individual membership: Individuals such as consultants and trainers working in the telemarketing industry
CCAJ arranges various events for the benefit of its members to promote the exchange of information and adoption of best practice. CCAJ members enjoy a wide variety of benefits including access to forums and conferences, and special events to that provide an opportunity to develop professional relationships with some of the top people in the field. CCAJ delivers various seminars, offers an outstanding educational program, provides updates on state-of-the-art technology, disseminates the latest industry information, and extends networking opportunities.
CCAJ provides its membership with a variety of services, including:

Legislative and regulatory advocacy
- The "CCAJ code of ethics" recommends standards for professional and ethical telemarketing
- "A guide to legal issues related to business"
- "A Comprehensive Guide to Telemarketing"
Industry Information:
- Monthly newsletter "CCAJ News" written by industry experts
- CCAJ email magazine with timely articles
Survey report:
- CCAJ Annual Report "The CCAJ Guidebook"
Educational events:
- Seminars
- Supervisor training and call center manager training
- "Call and contact center" fact-finding tours
Complaint consulting for consumers:
- A telemarketing clinic
- "How to effectively use telemarketing" for consumers
- Corporation with the consumer associations
- Promotes communication between call centre product and service vendors and end users.
- Promotes and provides links to other associations
- Supports ContactCenterWorld.com


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